Riser R850 Return Pump

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Riser controllable AC pump features a low profile design that is suitable for marine and freshwater applications -- wet or dry. The pump offers extreme performance with lower power consumption and reduced heat transmission.

The Rossmont Riser R850 Return Pump can be used with the Rossmont Waver Wireless 2-Channel Controller. With the Waver the Riser flow can be increased and decreased, and up to 2 Risers can be controlled with the Waver for a wave effect. Without the Waver the Riser is still a powerful, quiet & energy efficient pump. 

With the Waver the flow rates range from 210-850 gph and power consumption from 13.5-55 watts. The Riser R850 can be used as a circulation pump, placed either in the sump or under the aquarium in a closed-loop system. In some instances it can be placed in filtration chambers at the back of an aquarium (see dimensions below). 

Key Features:

  • Surface Closed LoopMaximum flow rate without heat loss. Simulates currents & wave patterns.
  • Remarkably Quiet - Features a double VAR - Vibration and noise Absorption System
  • Durable The ceramic system offers improved durability.
  • Solid Flow to Top - Strong flow with an excellent performance curve thanks to AC technology.
  • Sump ModeMemorize the minimum flow rate via the Waver App, keeping the pump in continuous operation. Quickly get into feeding mode, reducing food intake into the sump and remove air insertion into the tank.
  • Power reduction controlThrough flow rate adjustment via the Waver App. Features graphic curve control to customize the power of the pump in a 24 hour schedule- 


  • Flow Rate: 850 gph (210-850 gph with Waver)
  • Head max: 115"
  • Max Power Consumed: 55 watts (13.5-55 watts with Waver)
  • Uses AC power
  • Noise reduction pads
  • Rating Saltwater - Up to 145 gallons. Rating Freshwater - Up to 290 gallons
  • Dimensions w/plate: 3.15 x 4.93 x 5". Dimensions w/o plate: 3.15 x 4.93 x 3.84".

Limited 36 Month Warranty

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