Aqua Illumination Nero 5 Reviewed and Tested

Aqua Illumination Nero 5 Reviewed and Tested

Posted by Peter Orsaeo on 8th Dec 2018

Though I was anxious to see what this new little guy could do coming from a company as reputable as AI, I can honestly say that I was still a bit skeptical of the Nero 5 before it arrived. I expected … read more

Reducing Dreaded Water Changes

Posted by Pete Orsaeo on 29th Oct 2018

Before I begin, let me first say that everyone has their own preference and what may work for one person's tank may not work for another. Some hobbyists choose to perform water changes as frequently a … read more

Optimal Nitrate (NO3) Levels in the Reef Aquarium

Posted by Pete Orsaeo on 4th Oct 2018

Many hobbyists ask me where a good place is to keep their Nitrates (NO3) at. My response to that is that there is no definitive answer. It has been my experience that coral can adapt to a very wide ra … read more

Understanding and Resolving STN and RTN on SPS Coral

Posted by Pete Orsaeo on 21st Sep 2018

One of the more common issues that many reef enthusiasts encounter at some point during their time in the hobby is Rapid Tissue Necrosis (RTN) or Slow Tissue Necrosis (STN). Typically, necrosis is see … read more